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uzutrakio dvaras

1975 marks the beginning of the history of “Dvarų keramika“ (Eng. “Manor Ceramics“). Led by a great desire to restore the real wealth of Lithuanian history, two experts in their field - the master of ceramics A.Tursa and the sculptor J.Blažaitis founded a separate “Dvarčionių keramika” (Eng. “Dvarčionių Ceramics”) division – “Dvarų keramika” (Eng. “Manor Ceramics“). We received the first order to reconstruct the famous Užutrakis manor, followed by reconstruction works of the noble Pakėviai and Zipliai manors. The palace, which embraces the historical spirit and protects the mystery of the hosts, has inspired for more vivid works.

More than a century ago, the largest current ceramic tiles manufacturer in the Baltic States – “Dvarčionių keramika“ (Eng. “Dvarčionių Ceramics“) was established. Then the rapidly expanding factory, famous for its brick production, became increasingly interested in the construction of ceramic tiles.

keramikinės plytelės

The number of restored manors was increasing. But it was much more than just that… We put, searched and restored the missing and forgotten details of the history of the manors. We sought the secrets, safeguarded by the manor walls, that reveal the intricate twists of great history. Sometimes the furnaces were reborn for a new life based only on written sources that preserve the true history.

When restoring the furnaces and ceramic ornamentation of old manors according to the ancient and baroque tradition, the first “Dvarų keramika“ (Eng. “Manor Ceramics“) furnace INGRID was created with its patterns, relief structure and magnificent crown that is crowning an exceptionally chic image.


Needs changed with time. Our collection of works was complemented by smaller-sized, more diverse styles of fireplaces and exquisite tiles, inspired by manor ornaments.

Today, “Dvarų keramika“ (Eng. “Manor Ceramics“) works together with a professional team of interior designers. While recreating the epochs of antiquity, baroque and classicism, we produce exclusive luxury products for interiors of different styles - from minimalist Scandinavian to luxurious classical.

profesionalus interjero dizainas