"Dvarų keramika" (Eng. Manor Ceramics) is a Lithuanian ceramic house that combines handcrafted authentic elements, time-proven production technologies, strict engineering guidelines and durability.

Handmade tiles

Unique, individually decorated design elements that make it possible to implement non-standard solutions in the interior.


Tiled furnaces

High-quality, durable furnaces providing space with long-lasting heat. Different styles of furnace design are carefully matched to the interior.



Ceramic fireplaces are decorated with handmade decor elements.


BIO Fireplaces

Innovative handcrafted fireplaces are designed for spaces with no technical possibility to install a traditional fireplace.


The restoration of authentic furnaces and fireplaces through the long experience of the craftsmen, the diligence and attention to the smallest details.

Individual production

In order to create unique ceramic products with distinctive patterns, colors and shapes, ceramicists and designers are involved in the creative process.